Conference constitutors:

  • Zababakhin Russian Federal Nuclear Center -All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics (RFNC - VNIITF), Snezhinsk;
  • Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russia Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC - VNIIEF), Sarov;
  • Lebedev Physical Institute, RAS, Moscow;
  • Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg


  • Chelyabinsk Region Administration;
  • Snezhinsk Administration;
  • Company CLON, Snezhinsk

The 9th Zababakhin Scientific Talks (ZST), a traditional conference on high energy density physics (HEDP), will be hosted by Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, during September 10-14, 2007. Conferences of this series were named after a prominent scientist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny I. Zababakhin (1917-1985), whose research had had a strong impact on the HEDP establishment in our country and who had been a Scientific Director of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - Institute of Technical Physics for 25 years. The first conference - ZST-I (14.01.87-16.01.87) - was organized as a memorial one devoted to the 70-th anniversary of the birth of Evgeny Zababakhin. It was a classified conference. Its main participants were employees of the Nuclear Centers in Snezhinsk and Sarov. However, the conference subjects were far beyond the frames of classified efforts, therefore the second conference ZST-II (16.01.90-19.01.90) was conducted as an all-Russia one. The subsequent conferences ZST-III (13.01.92-18.01.92), ZST-IV (14.10.95-20.10.95), ZST-V (21.09.98-25.09.98), ZST-VI (24.09.01-28.09.01), ZST-VII (08.09.03-12.09.03) and ZST-VIII (08.09.03-12.09.03) were organized as international ones. Conference ZST-2007 is held in the year of the 90th anniversary of E.I.Zababakhin's birth, therefore the scientific program will include an extended scope of overviews and problem-focused presentations.

The Zababakhin Scientific Talks have become a recognized scientific forum contributing to high energy density physics. The conference demonstrates the best achievements, overviews results of research programs and discusses directions of further development of HEDP.




The subjects of the conference cover the main areas of HEDP in six sections:

  1. Cumulative phenomena and high-intensive processes
  2. Explosion and detonation phenomena;
  3. Dense plasma phenomena and intensive electromagnetic processes;
  4. Hydrodynamic instability and turbulence;
  5. Properties of matter at high-intensive processes;
  6. Numerical methods, algorithms, codes and accurate solutions.

The Conference addresses both traditional and new research directions. It discusses the methods of reaching high energy density; problems of using it and implementing it in modern physical facilities; high-intensive processes in laboratory experiments, technical applications, and natural phenomena, including astrophysical ones. Material properties in extreme states and in dynamic processes; modern theoretical models describing these materials; methods of loading, experimental techniques, the most recent experimental data, and the results of theoretical calculations; databases on material properties and processes and their use; converging shock waves and shells, collapsing cavities, radiation and laser implosion, high-intensive laser fields, super high magnetic fields and magnetic cumulation, inertial confined fusion, chemical and thermonuclear detonation, collision of space bodies, gravitation collapse, explosion phenomena in stars and galaxies; methods of mathematical modeling of the above processes and phenomena, software complexes, their organization and results comprise a wide, but not complete, list of scientific applications of HEDP to be discussed at the Zababakhin Scientific Talks.



  • The Conference will work in the form of plenary and section sessions, poster sessions, and topical discussions.
  • The Conference will include overviews, presentations and posters.
  • Papers in the field of experiment, theory and mathematical modeling are welcome.
  • Specialized and round-table discussions on actual problems will be conducted.
  • The Conference welcomes speakers, authors of poster presentations and interested listeners.
  • The Conference participants will have a chance to familiarize with RFNC-VNIITF.
  • A social program will include a tour of the city of Snezhinsk and vicinity and familiarization with the history of the region.
  • Proceedings of the Conference will be published on CDs in English and Russian and will be available at the RFNC-VNIITF's web-site at
  • Papers for publishing should be submitted in the required format to the Program Committee at latest during the Conference.
  • Information about the preparation and conduct of the conference, requirements to abstracts and presentations are given at the web-site: (Web-master N.N. Bakshaev can be contacted at
  • Prior to the Conference the participants will be provided with the scientific agenda and a set of presentation abstracts.
  • Should you have any questions on the acceptance of your papers, feel free to address the leaders of the appropriate sections. Do not hesitate to contact the Secretary or the Organizing Committee if you have general questions.

Chair of the International Committee:
E.N. Avrorin, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
RFNC - VNIITF Scientific Director, Russia

Chair of the Program Committee:
V.A. Simonenko, Professor,
RFNC - VNIITF Deputy of Scientific Director

Chair of the Local Organizing Committee:
B.K. Vodolaga, Professor,
RFNC - VNIITF Deputy Director

Conference Secretary:
T.N. Gorbatova,
RFNC - VNIITF Editorial and Publishing Group Head
Tel.: (351-46) 5-23-50
Fax: (351-46) 5-22-33


Leaders of the sections:


A.K. Muzyrya


V.P. Filin


I.V. Glazyrin
P.A. Loboda


M.I. Avramenko
M.G. Anuchin
Yu.A. Kucherenko


A.V. Petrovstev
V.I. Tarzhanov


A.A. Bragin
A.A. Shestakov




We invite you to submit subject-related presentations and papers.
The second announcement of the Conference will have been made by May 15, 2007.
Your application form and abstract of the proposed paper are welcome before June 15, 2007.
Invitations will be issued by July 15, 2007.
We ask you to confirm your participation in the Conference by August 15, 2007.




Application form is to be directed to: and is to consist of:

  • Information about a participant (for getting an access to the closed city): full name, citizenship, date and place of birth, address, passport data, place of work and contact information.
  • Information about participation: title of presentation, type of presentation, section.
  • Paper title and abstract (if possible in two languages: Russian and English) in the electronic form and in the format required.



It is planned to have a collection of abstracts published by the beginning of the Conference. Please, direct your abstract(s) together with an application form filled out to the Organizing Committee.

Abstracts are submitted in two languages (English and, if possible, Russian) in a web?page or .doc file (WORD 97) format. The abstract should not be longer than 300 words.

Format of an abstract. Use Times New Roman 11 point size only (other sizes as specified) and Symbol font for mathematical symbols. First comes a title of the proposed presentation (capital letters, no hyphens); then initial letters of the names and the last names of authors (10 point size) and full name of the authors' institution(s); and finally - text of the abstract (single line spacing).

Tables and figures shall NOT be included!

After the Conference, the presentations will be available at the web-site and on CDs. Deadline for submitting presentations is at the Conference registration.

More detailed information about the requirements to the abstracts and presentations can be found at




Organizational fee for the participants from abroad is US$ 600. Organizational fees are used to pay for the conference hall rent, Russian-English simultaneous translation, Conference materials, local transportation (from Ekaterinburg or Chelyabinsk to Snezhinsk), social events, coffee-breaks, welcome drinks and banquet.

The organizational fee will be collected upon arrival to Snezhinsk at the RFNC-VNIITF's hotel ("Turquoise Palace").